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About Amar

Amar is a Performer.

Energetic and evocative, Amar's performances demonstrate the depth of her connection with the music. 


Amar is a Director and Choreographer.

For solo and group performances, Amar creates exceptional chorereography for dancers in her troupe.  She skillfully conceptualizes dancers' journey though a piece of music, and audiences are swept away.  See excerpts from one of her New York troupe performances here.


Amar is a Teacher and Coach.

Patient and encouraging, Amar expertly instructs everyone from absolute novices to experienced dancers, from dinner party guests to group fitness classes.  She excels in engaging all of her students and making sure there is something for everyone. See Amar working with her New York dancers here.


Amar is a Writer.

Read here Amar's relflective and insightful overview of bellydance in NYC: From Cabaret to DJ.


Read Amar's full bio here.


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